Are we always going to spend countless hours on planes to get to sit in meeting rooms with colleagues?

October 12, 2015

A scare scenario for airlines.

Inarticulate ramblings of a management consultant

This morning, as I sit on yet another flight, this time from Singapore to Hong Kong, it’s ever more apparent to me that far from video conferencing and other forms of communication taking the place of international travel, planes are fuller than ever with business travellers flying short distances for a schedule of meetings, which from my own straw poll over the past 18 months, are mostly internal to their own organisation. Interestingly, this current journey comes in place of a different one I would have made this week to the UK for a series of internal planning meetings! Travelling 8000 miles to also sit in a room with some of my esteemed colleagues whilst attractive in terms of the debate, discussion and networking brings to mind previous discussions around productivity.

So why do we continue this costly, inefficient in terms of time, and ecologically disastrous habit when the alternatives…

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